Board Of Directors

Christopher Basile
Christopher BasilePresident
Chris Basile, on various occasions, has been quoted saying “Fish is in my blood”. We’re not totally sure what it means, but it seems to be a good thing. Chris has been in the industry as long as anyone cares to remember (fish have a pretty short term memory) and has always had a keen eye on sustainability. The festival was his brain child, created in the hopes of making a healthier, more sustainable fishery for Boston.
Robert Nagle
Robert NagleVice President
Vincent Nagle
Vincent NagleTreasurer
Nikki Chenard
Nikki ChenardDirector
Nikki has been in charge of the coordination of educators and nutrition information since the inception of the BSF. She is a registered and licensed dietitian who enjoys bringing a culturally diverse group of health educators to the festival each year. Her hopes are that anyone, including local families and international tourists, will be provided with the opportunity to learn something new about the fisheries and will either be able to try a novel type of seafood or experience seafood in a different, new, and exciting way.
Joe Zanti
Joe ZantiDirector
Richard Stavis
Richard StavisDirector
Richard Stavis is the CEO of Stavis Seafoods, a third-generation, family-owned, seafood wholesaler located in Boston. He is also a supporting donor and active member of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, which is focused on educating the public about the health benefits of seafood. He currently serves on the board of the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and serves as a board member on its Better Seafood Board and on its Sustainable Crab Council. An industry activist, Richard is often asked to represent the seafood industry in Washington, DC as well as at the Massachusetts State House. He has been asked to speak to the EPA, the USDC Inspector General, and NOAA on a number of industry issues. He has actively supported fishermen rights and is involved in fisheries improvement projects (FIPs) around the world. He is also on the board of SeaPact, which is a group of seafood companies working to develop FIPs that will protect the future of seafood.
Angela Sanfilippo
Angela SanfilippoDirector
Angela Sanfilippo, president of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association (GFWA) comes from seven generations of commercial fishermen. She has been the president of the Association for the last 39 years. For the last 8 years she has been the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Fishermen’s Partnership (MFP). An umbrella organizations for 18 Massachusetts commercial fishing organizations. She was also the Project Manager of the Commonwealth Corporation Gloucester Fishermen and Families Assistance Center for 12 years.
Chris Edelman
Chris EdelmanDirector
Chef Jeff Mushin
Chef Jeff MushinCulinary Coordinator

Our Mission

Preserve, sustain and share our seafood and maritime heritage as essential to our common wealth health