Spontaneous, roaming, setting up wherever’s clever, all day from beginning to end! 

Featuring many of Boston’s finest street performers!


Aaron Seibert, acoustic musician



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Rami Salami

rsalami photo

  “In a world of phony baloney entertainers, Rami Salami, AKA Philip Bloom, is the real deal. You’ll find the self-proclaimed King of Balloon Twisters perfecting his craft in and around Boston, and at Harrod’s in London if you happen to be in the neighborhood! Mr. Salami has a unique way of focusing attention on his young audience while including the grown-ups in on the fun. With the help of a very accurate water-squirting camera, rubber chicken, a Big Dig dog (it’s a plastic rat! Ha! Ha!), and other silly props, he draws even the wariest of children into his magical circle of fun. A little barrier with colorful graphics and some mini stools keep the adults out, while giggling kids await their time with Rami. Patient stool sitters are rewarded with the most elaborate balloon accessories you’re likely to see. Humongous hats with interesting, inflatable baubles compliment the tiniest of noggins.”

-GO City Kids


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Gund Kwok

Performed in the 2015 Boston Seafood Festival Opening Ceremony

Gund Kwok LogoGK dragon


Gund Kwok, the only Asian Women Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe in the United States, was established in February of 1998 to give Asian women an opportunity to express their creativity, power and strength through performing the lion and dragon dances. The lion and dragon dances are art forms which require martial arts discipline, endurance, flexibility and creativity. Gund Kwok, which means heroine in Chinese, symbolizes women’s power and strength. Traditionally, women’s power, strength and intelligence have been unacknowledged and hidden from public view. An old Chinese saying, “A heroine will not admit defeat to the hero” expresses women’s hidden power.






The Red Trouser Show


Described as “amazing” and “a knock-out”, the Red Trouser Show consists of a dynamic duo of acrobats,

who are sure to bring an extra dose of awesome to the festival!


We can’t tell  you where and when…because they feel the crowd and launch into their show where and when the timing is right! But you can be sure we’ll make announcements and updates shortly before they start….at least one morning show and one afternoon show!

More about The Red Trouser Show!


Snap Boogie



This native of Boston, Massachusetts has been described as a “BEAST” on the dance floor, with a career that started by performing in the streets to his impressive national debut in the summer of 2011 on NBC’s America’s Got Talent Season 6 where he blow the minds of the audience and judges with his incredible high energy take no prisoners style.

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Kilted Colin


Screen shot 2015-07-29 at 3.48.10 PM


Wait, it’s a guy in a kilt!

If you’re looking for laughter, look no further! Kilted Colin, who got his start performing for stuffed animals in his bedroom now performs his high energy comedy show all over the globe! He has been seen on Comedy Central in addition to countless Fairs, Festivals, Circus’s, and Colleges all over the map. What started out as a hobby playing bagpipes soon blossomed into a full blown career when he saw a unicycle and figured the two would go together like bread and butter. He pushes the boundaries of what was thought could be done in a kilt. Acrobatics, Bagpiping, Beatboxing, Hilarious Dancing, Jumping on Trampolines, Singing, Unicycling, and all of it in a kilt!


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Living Statues!

Bucket Drummers!

….And MORE street performers with details soon to come!!




Fish Prints

Save the Harbor Save The Bay


Face Painting

Family Service of Greater Boston


Origami Fish, Asian Brush Painting, Games

Asian Women for Health



All-Day Sidewalk Chalk Mural

Boston Fisheries Foundation